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MLSS PR Unit September 2, 2021

Samuda Expresses Shock of Violent Attack on Farm Worker

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Monday, August 9, 2021


Samuda Expresses Shock of Violent Attack on Farm Worker


Labour and Social Security Minister, Karl Samuda is expressing shock, regret and condemnation of a violent attack on a Jamaican farm worker in Canada.

According to Minister Samuda, the alleged attack on the Jamaican farm worker has come as a big surprise, at a time when the Ministry is intensifying efforts to capitalize on every opportunity to increase the numbers annually.

Minister Samuda said the Ministry has reached out to both parties to provide the requisite support.

He is also appealing to all farm workers not to use violence as a mean of settling disputes, but instead should utilize all the available channels including the Jamaican Liaison Services provided to each farm worker by the Ministry.

He said while he is shocked to hear of the incident, it must be condemned in the strongest terms.

The Labour and Social Security Minister is also warning that violent acts will not be tolerated by the Ministry in any of its operations locally or overseas.


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