The Rehabilitation Programme

Established by a Cabinet Decision in 1972, the Rehabilitation Programme provides assistance to individuals in need of social assistance for compassionate purposes or who can improve their economic base through income generating projects. The Programme provides grants which are available to persons who, in the past, have exhibited their self supporting potential but are currently experiencing circumstances that prevent them from providing for their basic needs or that of their families.

The Rehabilitation Programme constitutes four types of grants indicated below.  These are all one-off Grants.

  1. Rehabilitation Assistance Grant
  2. This Grant provides an opportunity for individuals/families to undertake income generating projects to improve their economic status. It provides assistance to establish small projects or boost existing projects such as haberdashery, trading, dressmaking etc.

  3. Compassionate Assistance Grant
  4. This Grant is available to persons in need of speedy assistance and who are unable access assistance under any other scheme. Applicants should not have insurance coverage. Assistance is usually provided to meet urgent needs such as prescriptive aids, medication, household items, house repairs and burial expenses.

  5. Emergency Assistance Grant
  6. This Grant is available to assist persons who have suffered a disaster, whether man-made or natural, such as an earthquake, hurricane, fire, etc. Applicants should not have insurance coverage. Assistance is usually provided for personal belonging, basic food items or toiletry.
    These may be purchased in bulk by the Ministry and kept in storage at the Ministry’s Central Foods Store. If not in storage, stock may be sourced by the Parish Offices from Creditors for whom lines of credit have been established.

  7. Education and Social Intervention (ESI) Grant
  8. This Grant is available to assist children who cannot attend school or whose regular attendance is affected by their parents’/guardians’ inability to provide uniforms, school books and other basic needs.