Social Intervention Programme

The Social Intervention Programme (SIP) consists of two (2) activities: 

(1) Special Employment Programme  

(2) Education and Entrepreneurship Grants Programme. 

These initiatives offer beneficiaries assistance through employment and an education and entrepreneurship grant to foster greater levels of independence.  

The Employment Programme offers youths within the age cohort 18 – 35 years old the possibility of employment, while the Education and Entrepreneurship Grants Programme targets ‘at risk’ youths 16 – 40 years of age. 

Special Employment Pogramme

Special Employment Programme – Through this programme, the Ministry partnered with various private sector organizations to create decent and productive employment. These young unattached youth, aged between 18 – 35 years are employed for a period of six (6) months, with the Ministry and the employers sharing the payment of salaries.  

Programme Objectives
  • To introduce individuals to the world of work and equip them with marketable skills for long-term employment. 
  • To promote economic opportunities and employment for vulnerable (unemployed, underemployed) groups. 

Major Functions:
  • Facilitate short to medium term employment 
  • Facilitate training (employability skills) 
  • Facilitate payments to participants island-wide 
  • Interface with employers and parish offices island-wide for placement opportunities 

Education and Entrepreneurship Grants Programme

Education and Entrepreneurship Grants Programme – This intervention will enable youth aged between 16 – 40 years to pursue further education and training or be engaged in entrepreneurial activities.  The Ministry intends to continue to provide this type of support to our youth as part of a comprehensive social intervention programme in collaboration with the Employment Programme. 

Programme Objectives
  • Strengthen education and training opportunities for vulnerable and unattached youths; 
  • Provide grants and technical support for entrepreneurship ventures and educational training; 

Major Functions:
  • Facilitate grants for education and entrepreneurship purposes 
  • Conduct field visits 
  • Facilitate payments to educational institutions and business enterprises 
  • Facilitate training work-shops (entrepreneurship) 
  • Monitor grant recipients regarding the performance of their social responsibility