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MLSS PR Unit September 2, 2021

Samuda Condemns Violence against Senior Citizens

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Samuda Condemns Violence against Senior Citizens


Minister of Labour and Social Security, Karl Samuda is condemning the recent spate of violent attacks on senior citizens as an act of cowardice and insanity.

In the past week, the gruesome murder of 82-year old Dorris Gordon is but one of the reported incidents of violence against older persons recently.

According to Minister Samuda, at a time when senior citizens are most vulnerable and extremely concerned about their health and safety during this COVID-19 pandemic, the abuse being meted out to them must be condemned in the strongest terms. He said these brutal attacks on our senior citizens reflect a degree of senselessness in our society and question our commitment to the sanctity of life.

“Therefore, I call on my fellow Jamaicans to care for and protect senior citizens, who have toiled to build our nation and have a right, as all citizens of Jamaica, to safety and security. It is our duty.  We must enhance the development of a gentle and caring society,” Minister Samuda said.


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