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Orphan’s Benefit

An Orphan’s Benefit may be claimed by any adult who has the care of a child under 18 years old, whose parents are dead, regardless of whether the parents were married.

An Orphan’s Benefit is payable from the date on which the child became an orphan until his/her 18th birthday.

To qualify for this Benefit, one of the deceased parents:

i. Must have satisfied the contribution conditions or

ii. Was in receipt of a National Insurance Old Age, Invalidity, Widow’s or Widower’s Pension

Application for this Benefit must be accompanied by the:

  1. Marriage Certificate of the orphan’s parents

  2. Two letters attesting to the common-law union of the orphan’s parents, in the case of a common-law union

  3. Birth Certificate of each child under 18 years

  4. Death Certificates or Medical Certificates of Cause of Death of both parents

  5. Pension Order Book (s), if any, belonging to the deceased parent(s) at the time of his/her or their death

  6. NIS Registration Card (pink card) for both parents

  7. NIS Registration Card (pink card) for the applicant

An Orphan Benefit is paid to the female guardian only, even where the orphan is in the care of a couple.

A Grant is payable if the minimum contribution conditions for a pension were not satisfied, but at least 52 weekly contributions were made by either of the deceased parents.

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