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Invalidity Benefit

An Invalidity Benefit may be awarded as a pension or grant to the contributor. It is paid to a woman under 60 years or a man under 65 years who is no longer able to work because of a mental or physical illness.

This benefit is paid to a contributor who has been incapable of working for a continuous period of not less than 26 weeks before the date of the application and the incapacity must seem to be permanent. All applicants for an invalidity benefit must have the Medical Certificate on the Invalidity Claim Form completed and signed by his/her doctor. A person in receipt of an Invalidity or an Old Age pension may be paid a Spouse Allowance whether married or in a common-law union.

The documents to be submitted with the application for Invalidity Benefit are:

a) Applicant’s National Insurance Registration Card (pink card)

b) Applicant’s and spouse’s Birth Certificate and Deed Poll where applicable or Passport

c) Marriage Certificate

d) Proof of Employment

Proof of employment may be Certificates of Pay and Contributions Deducted (C7) signed by the employer or pay-slips, which should provide contribution information.

To download and print invalidity claim form click here

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