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Parish Appeals and Review Committee

There is a Committee in each parish that is responsible for addressing the concerns of beneficiaries and civil society. The Committee’s mandate includes :-

  1. Reviewing concerns about applicants not selected for PATH;
  2. Reviewing cases relating to existing beneficiaries who have been non-compliant with the conditions of the Programme for an extended period.
  3. Hearing appeals of persons dissatisfied with termination(s) from the Programme;

All applicants for PATH benefits who were unsuccessful can request that their application be reviewed by the committee. Applicants whose score fall above the cut off point are entitled to the right to have their application reviewed. Applicants whose scores fall within a band will automatically be qualified for review and will be visited by an MLSS Social Worker. Applicants whose score fall above the required score at first scoring and outside of the band, will be notified that they have not met the qualifying criteria and will be advised of the review process. Beneficiaries may also appeal against decision made regarding investigations for non-compliance with conditions of the programme and non-collection of grants.

Appointment of Members of Parish Appeals Committee

Each Parish Committee shall comprise an appointed Chairman and representatives from the following entities:-

  • Ministry of Education  (Regional Office Representative)
  • Ministry of Health (Regional Health Authority Representative)
  • Social Development Commission
  • Department of Local Government (Parish Council Representative)
  • Salvation Army
  • Red Cross
  • Community Representative[1]
  • MLSS Parish Manager
  • Child Development Agency

The Committee may invite persons from time to time to give professional advice for example on legal matters or other technical matters which the members of the committee may not be familiar. These members will not have a casting vote.

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[1] Recommendations for Community Representatives may be submitted by Parish Managers.  It should be noted that persons recommended should be community workers.


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