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Beneficiary Payments

Payments are made to compliant beneficiaries by one of two modes, either by a cheque or by electronic transfer. Cheque payments are made through the island wide network of Post Offices and Postal Agencies administered by the Postal Corporation of Jamaica. Payments are delivered to Family Representatives or their Agents upon presentation of a valid government issued identification to the Post Office or Postal Agency in the beneficiary’s respective area.
Beneficiaries may choose to collect their benefits through the use of an electronic banking card, Keycard Cash, issued by the National Commercial Bank. Applications for the Keycard Cash may be made by family representatives at the Ministry’s parish offices upon presentation of valid identification and Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN).

Payments to beneficiaries are made in February, April, June, August, October and December, beginning the 15th day of each months. Payments are ideally made to a single family representative in each family. However, elderly or disabled adults within these families may request that payments be made directly to them. In such cases, a family may have more than one family representative collecting benefits.

Value of Benefits

Between December 2002 and August 2008, the value of the PATH grants was standardized for all categories of beneficiaries. However, in December 2008, a system of differentiated benefits was introduced for children receiving Education Grants, to encourage school attendance and school retention at the secondary level. The schedule of differentiated monthly benefits is as follows:-

Grade               Boys                    Girls
1 to 6               $825.00              $750.00
7 to 9               $1,075.00           $975.00
10 to13            $1,265.00           $1,150.00

Children 0 to 6 years receive $750.00 per month.
All other categories receive $900.00 per month.

Base Benefit

A base benefit of $400.00 per month was introduced under PATH in June 2010. Non-compliant beneficiaries receive a minimum benefit of $400.00 per month instead of no benefit at all. The remainder of the benefit is paid upon achievement of the required compliance conditionalities.


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