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Beneficiary Responsibilities

Registered beneficiaries are required to satisfy specified criteria for continual receipt of benefits.
Beneficiaries of Health Grants are required to register in a Government Health Centre and maintain a prescribed schedule of visits. The schedule is determined by the beneficiary’s age and benefit category as outlined below.

Table : Required Number of Health Visits by Category of Beneficiary

        Benefit Category Required number of health visits


        Birth zero to 6 months  3 visits, once every 2 months
        7 to 72 months once every 6 months
        Pregnant Once every two months
        Lactating At six weeks and two months after delivery
        Other Adults  
        Elderly (60yrs. & over) 2 visits, once every 6 months
        Persons with Disabilities 2 visits, once every 6 months
        Poor Adults (18-60 yrs) 2 visits, once every 6 months


Where two health visits are required, each visit must be 6 months apart. That is a beneficiary who attended the Health Centre in February and then March wouold only have satisfied the compliance conditions of the Programme for one compliance period and not for each of the two six months period. Another visit would still be required for the July to December period.

Children over 6 years of age must be attending a government funded school and must maintain a minimum monthly attendance record of 85%, in order to satisfy the conditionality for the education grant. .

Payments for beneficiaries who fail to comply with the conditions of the Programme will be suspended until the compliance requirement is met.

Other Responsibilities

Beneficiaries are also required to report to the PATH office any family changes that could impact the receipt of benefits. These include:

  • Death of a family member
  • Removal or migration of a family member
  • Additions to the family by birth, adoption, marriage or new living arrangements
  • Change of school or Health Centre


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