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Public Assistance

The Public Assistance Division of the Ministry administers a number of non-contributory social assistance programmes. It provides financial assistance to the most vulnerable groups in the society, namely; children, persons with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant and lactating mothers and the unemployed.

The Programmes administered by the division include the Programme of Advancement through Health and Education, and the Rehabilitation Programme.

The Rehabilitation Programme constitutes four types of Grants, namely:

  1. Rehabilitation Grant

  2. Compassionate & Emergency Grants

  3. Education & Social Intervention Grant

How to Apply

The operation of the Programmes is guided by the policies and guidelines developed by the Head of the Ministry located in Kingston. The programmes are however, administered through the Ministry’s network of thirteen Parish offices.
Persons wishing to apply for assistance are required to provide evidence to support each application for benefit. The evidence required is dependent on the programme and the peculiar circumstance of each case. Upon application a social worker will conduct an interview and follow-up home visit to verify need and eligibility for assistance.
Priority Groups to benefit are:

1. The unemployed
2. The underemployed
3. PATH Beneficiaries
4. Persons who fall below the poverty line and are not beneficiaries of PATH
5. Victims of disasters who are in need
6. Any other needy persons or groups


Persons wishing to apply for assistance under any of the Programmes listed above may visit the offices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (NIS Office) in his/her Parish or call 1-888-991-PATH or 1-888-991-7284 for further details.


Programme of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH)

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