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Senior Citizens

The National Council for Senior Citizens

The National Council for Senior Citizens (formally the National Council for the Aged) was established on May 20, 1976 by the Government of Jamaica and falls under the umbrella of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Its manadate include:

  • Advising the Minister on all matters concerning the welfare of the Senior Citizens that is, persons aged 60 years and over.
  • Implementing the National Policy for Senior Citizens.
  • Working with the government, private sector, non-governmental organisations (NGO) and citizens to develop plans of action which:

    • Promote active ageing across the generations
    • Encourage participation of seniors in nation building
    • Give recognition to the seniors as vital and useful memebers of society
    • Establish and maintain programmes to meet the physical, spirtual and socio-economic needs of seniors at different stages of the ageing process.
    • Promote integenerational approaches.
    • Facilitate networking with governement, NGO and the private sector.

 The Mission Statement

Meet the challenges of a growing, healthier and more active senior citizen population by ensuring that the senior citizens are able to meet their basic human needs, that those in need are assisted and that older persons are protected from abuse and violence and are treated as a resource and not a burden; Enhance the self-reliance and functional independence of the Senior Citizens to facilitate continued participation in their family and society. 

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