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The Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) is a Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.  The Centre is responsible for promoting and facilitating productivity enhancement at the national, sector, industry and enterprise levels. JPC is a tripartite organisation comprising the Government of Jamaica (GoJ), the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU), and the Jamaica Employers’ Federation (JEF). This partnership reflects the shared principle that growth in productivity is best achieved through the alliance and cooperation of government, employers and workers. The Centre is led by an Advisory Board which provides strategic leadership and policy direction.  The members of the board are drawn from leading personalities in the Public Sector, Private Sector, Trade Unions and Academia.


To enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the Jamaican economy and lead the process of transformation to a productivity-conscious culture by providing productivity policy advice, expertise and information to private and public sector organizations, through strategic partnerships, and a well resourced, motivated and competent team.

National Productivity Awareness Week (NPAW) 2013

The Jamaica Productivity Centre is excited to announce that the fifth staging of National Productivity Awareness Week (NPAW) will be held October 7 - 11, 2013 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, under the theme “Productivity: Pathway to Competitiveness and Growth”. This theme will be explored throughout the week with emphasis placed on "Getting from 2013 to 2030", "Driving Productivity in the Goods and Services Sectors”, "Building an Innovation Driven Business" and "Policy Choices and Productivity”.
These focus areas will come to life through the activities of the week which include a poster competition targeting high school students, an Expo, and a two (2) day conference providing exciting learning opportunities for employees at all levels in private and public sector organizations.
Learn more about NPAW 2013 here:

ESCO Project

This project seeks to create the supporting infrastructure for the development of an Energy Services Company (ESCO) industry in Jamaica.
The ESCO industry has the potential to create new businesses, generate new jobs, deliver savings in energy consumption and cost, and climate change mitigation through reduced carbon emissions.
The three year financing agreement for the project was signed by the European Eunion (EU) and the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) on March 1, 2012. The project, which is estimated to cost €576,546 with the EU contributing 75% in grant funding and the GOJ the remaining 25%, is being implemented by the Jamaica Productivity Centre.
Visit for details.

Short-term Priority Policies

The short-term priority policies of the Centre are consistent with and support those of Vision 2030 Jamaica-National Development Plan. They include:
1. Enhancing productivity across targeted sectors and industries to improve overall competitiveness and exports;
2. Building productivity driven organizations in the private and public sectors;
3. Providing evidence based research and advocacy for policies that will accelerate productivity growth competiveness, economic development, employment and improved quality of life;
4. Promoting a national productivity conscious culture in which productivity is not the exception but the norm.

JPC Research Reports

Generation and Distribution of Electricity in Jamaica: A Regional Comparison of Performance Indicators” (2011)

This study evaluates the performance of Jamaica’s electricity industry against countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) by:


  1. Comparing the performance of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) on the generation side with other players    in the domestic industry;
  2. Comparing the performance of the JPSCo on the distribution side in terms of five major groups of performance indicators - coverage and scale, non-labour efficiencies, technical efficiency and quality, end-user prices and labour productivity.
  3.  Identifying areas of relative strengths and weaknesses of Jamaica’s electricity infrastructure vis-à-vis LAC countries (Gap-analysis).
  4.  Interpreting the comparisons in terms that are useful for policy interventions.
           (Click below for a copy of the report)

Jamaica: Productivity Summary Report 1970-2007 (2009)

This report provides historical growth rates for value added output, employment, hours worked, wage rate, unit labour cost, output per worker, and output per hour worked. These indicators are provided at the level of the total economy as well as for eight economic sectors. In addition, measurement of total factor productivity (TFP) is reported for the aggregate economy. Finally, labour productivity in Jamaica is compared with that of nineteen (19) other countries using an internationally comparable dataset which covers the period 1998-2007.  (Click below for a copy of the report)

Productivity Knowledge Centre

The Jamaica Productivity Centre has a Productivity Knowledge Centre which is open to the public. The Knowledge Centre houses productivity data, literature and audio visuals. It is an excellent starting point for persons interested in conducting productivity related research.

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