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Occupational Safety & Health

Industrial Safety / Occupational Health & Safety Division

The Industrial Safety Section is the department with responsibility to monitor and enforce the requirements of the Factories Act and its accompanying Regulations, for occupational safety and health in Jamaica.

The main Act is entitled the Factories Act and its accompanying regulations are:

  1. The Factories Regulations 1961
  2. The Building Operations and Works of Engineering Construction 1968
  3. The Ship and Docks Regulations 1968

At this time, the Ministry is in the process of introducing new legislation entitled the Occupational Safety and Health Act . This Act will be more far reaching in its jurisdiction than the present Act. For this reason all forms presently being used may be discontinued or redesigned to facilitate the new Act. Hence only the pertinent forms that are likely to survive the transition to the new legislation are attached.

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Public Notice

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is in the process of completing final stakeholder consultations on the National HIV Workplace Policy.
The National Workplace Policy on HIV/AIDS is a framework for action by government, employers and workers to deal effectively with HIV/AIDS at the workplace. The policy takes into consideration the effects of HIV/AIDS on the most productive segment of the workforce and as such, views the problems associated with HIV/AIDS in terms of the significant negative implications they hold for production and national development.

The public is being invited to read the Draft Policy Document (Please click here to download) and to submit their comments via email to by Friday June 10, 2011. For more information please contact:

Mr. Horine Duncan
Administrative Assistant, HIV/AIDS Unit
Ministry of Labour & Social Security
1FNorth Street
Tel: 922-9500-13, Ext. 2334

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