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MLSS PR Unit December 16, 2021

Government Pays out Billions to Country’s Most Vulnerable Citizens in Time for Christmas

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Hon. Karl Samuda, OJ, CD, MP

Minister of Labour & Social Security

Friday, December 10, 2021


Government Pays out Billions to Country’s Most Vulnerable Citizens in Time for Christmas



The devastating impact of the Covid19 Pandemic on the economy and lives of all Jamaicans, has been arguably one of the worst disasters the Government of Jamaica has faced in recent times.

As a country, we have been severely tested. We have had to maneuver a difficult balancing act, as we balance the lives and livelihoods of every Jamaican. Special attention had to be given to the people in our society, who are most vulnerable to economic shocks. In this regard, this caring Government will, under the SERVE Programme pay $1.9B in one off grants of $10,000 each, to beneficiaries of PATH and the Social Pension Programme as well as to some pensioners under the and National Insurance Scheme (NIS).

The payments which are being made through the Ministry of Labour and Social Security started on November 15, 2021 when over 6,000 elderly persons who are seventy-five (75) years and older received their grant along with their social pension payment.

During December, One Hundred and Thirty Six Thousand Three Hundred and Forty (136,340) families on PATH and 41,000 NIS pensioners, who receive less than $10,000.00 per month for pension, will also receive their grant. This totals well over Three Hundred and Sixty Thousand (360,000) beneficiaries.

The grants are in addition to the normal payments due to recipients during the period.

As a Ministry we are proud to contribute to national resilience during this difficult time by allowing the most vulnerable among us to be able to purchase much needed food and other supplies to sustain themselves, especially at Christmas, which for many is their favourite time of the year, when families get together.

As Minister, I am proud to be the Steward of these benefits to the poor people of Jamaica and I can assure you that we will account for every dollar to be disbursed.

This government does not only say ‘We care. We show We Care’.


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