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US Farm Work & Hospitality

Outlined below are the different steps involved in the preparation of workers for both the United States Farm Work and Hospitality programmes. Click on the specific links on the Quick Links pane located on the right to visit specific stages of the process.

Pre-Selection and Selection


First short listing is done by Secretariat.

Ministry notifies candidates.

The selection team conducts island wide interviews.

Second short listing is done by FLECTS.

Fingerprints are taken on thumbprint and tenprint cards.

FLECTS keeps forms of selected candidates, returns rejects to the Secretariat; and informs Secretariat of actual numbers.

Cards are sorted and sent for criminal and MLSS record check.

Medical Processing


The thumbprint is again taken on the grell card/ thumb print card and matched against previous prints.

Two fingerprint technicians check and stamp thumbprint card.

The fingerprint staff receives a copy of the medical checklist and tally prints taken and the number of persons seen; if there is a difference then the applicants are asked to re-submit prints.

At the end of the medical, FLECTS keeps the blue card and East Street keeps the yellow card.

Flight Processing


FLECTS takes approximately three days to arrange flight for the persons who received visas. They notify the MLSS of the persons to be called for flight. All documents are held by FLECTS until flight.

FLECTS generates the flight manifest and gives a copy to Fingerprint and the Director of the US programme.

Roll call and pregnancy test conducted.

The individual gets the grell card, thumbprints taken on grell card and a piece of white paper; fingerprints are matched against previous print.

Tax return forms issued; signed by worker; sorted according to the flight manifest.

Airport improvement fees of $460.00 along with airfares are collected.

Orientation/ address is given.

Search is conducted.

Issuing of travel documents (passports and immigration) is done.

At airport boarding pass is given out.

Flight is boarded.

Flowchart: Decision: FLECTS and JACLO receive list of names for contract renewals and flight requests, and send copy to Director 1 OES. MLSS notifies workers, and passports are subsequently submitted.
FLECTS gets appointment date from embassy and notifies workers of the date.

United States Overseas Employment Programme Liaison Offices Contacts



Mrs. Barbara DaCosta
Chief Liaison Officer
JACLO – 1812 R Street
N.W. Washington D.C.20009

202-667-6190-2 (Office)


Mr. Henry McGhie
Deputy Chief liaison Officer, 35 Freemont Road
Enfield –CT 06082

860-745-4662 (Office)
845-795-2128 (Valley Office)


845-975-254 (Valley Office)

Mr. Cecil R. Weir

Deputy Chief Liaison Officer, JACLO –1812 R. Street
N.W. Washington D.C. 20009

202-667-6190-2 (Office)


Mr. John Wilkie
Advisor1126 Miramar Drive
Del Ray, Fl. 33483

561-278-9878 (Office)


Mr. Earle Whyte
Senior Liaison Officer
35 Freemont Road,
Enfield –CT 06082

860-745-4662 (Office)


Mrs. Pearleta McKoy
Liaison Officer
646 River Oaks Drive Building 47, Apt. F. Myrtle Beach, SC. 29579



Mr. Patrick Jones
Liaison Officer
2175 North Highway 360
Apt. 125- Grand Prairie
Texas 75050



Mr. Gladstone Moore
Liaison Officer
350 Ferry Lane Apt. 1 & 2
Box 363, At. Ignace,
MI. 49781



Ambassador Richard Pierce
Liaison Officer
4265 Shimerville Road Clarence, New York 14031

716-839-4464 (Office)


Sheldon Brown
Liaison Officer
35 Freemont Road,
Enfield – CT 06082

859-744-4662 (Office)


Mr. Easton McMorris
Liaison Officer
Baymont Inn Suite, 16 Plaza Blvd. Plattsburgh, N.Y., 12901

518-562-4000 (Office)


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